Lunch intervention*: Grow Your Own Yellow Oyster Mushroom

popuplogoPleurotus citrinopileatus also know as the golden oyster mushroom or Yellow Oyster Mushroom is a popular mushroom in Asia and Eastern Europe. Like most other Oyster Mushrooms, it is a wood decay fungus – a bit like a vegan mushroom, compared to the common white button mushroom which digests animal manure. They can convert 100 g of organic refuse into 50-70 g of fresh mushrooms, which are up to 30% protein. They are a great source of anti-oxydants and have reportedly antihyperglycemic properties in diabetes patients.

With Leo Bakx and chef Erling Rugsten.

Wednesday 19 August 12:15 – 12:45h, @ HTC Community Garden, Eindhoven


In this mini-workshop you will learn how easy it is to grow your own gourmet mushrooms on what would otherwise be considered a waste material – spent coffee grounds.

There is now a growing community of mushroom growers at the High Tech Campus. Join us, discover the magic of gourmet mushrooms and explore the many innovative applications in bio/nano technology.

Ticket price: €20 per person, including a take-home culture kit, Quick Reference card and a mushroom tasting prepared by 2-star Michelin chef Erling Rugsten. Early registration advised. Also see HTC Community Garden Facebook page

Another example of circular economy in action: coffee grounds courtesy of HTC Starbucks & The Colour Kitchen, buckets provided by The Strip catering and mushroom spawn by Fungi Futuri (based in the former TD building in Eindhoven). Spent mushroom substrate used as a nutritious compost in the HTC Community Garden.

*Intervention: an artful interaction with the daily environment, raising awareness of the beauty and magic of our world. Opening your mind to exciting new ideas you can apply in your own life.

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