Coming Up: Winter 2015-2016


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  • Lunchworkshops rond paddestoelen kweken en fermentatie op de aanrecht, o.a. bij High Tech Campus en Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Vanaf oktober 2015
  • Jaarcursus stadstuinieren – start in maart 2016
  • Aardwerk Boot Camp: duurzaam ontwerp voor Het Goede Leven, met o.a. permacultuur, biomimicry, blue economy en the natural step. Met deze cursus kan je het internationaal erkende PDC certificaat behalen – start in december 2015
  • GreenDragons Boot Camp: opleiding voor docenten in duurzame ontwikkeling. Met zowel real-world als online leren. Speciaal voor mensen die een hekel hebben aan school maar wel houden van avontuur. Boot Camp is de introductie op een 4-jarig programma op MBO, Bachelor, Masters en Doctoraal niveau. Start: 13 oktober 2015.

Introductiemiddag (gratis) bij Plugin City, Strijp-S, Eindhoven tijdens Dutch Design Week 17 t/m 25 oktober 2015. Details volgen. Continue reading

Lunch intervention*: Grow Your Own Yellow Oyster Mushroom

popuplogoPleurotus citrinopileatus also know as the golden oyster mushroom or Yellow Oyster Mushroom is a popular mushroom in Asia and Eastern Europe. Like most other Oyster Mushrooms, it is a wood decay fungus – a bit like a vegan mushroom, compared to the common white button mushroom which digests animal manure. They can convert 100 g of organic refuse into 50-70 g of fresh mushrooms, which are up to 30% protein. They are a great source of anti-oxydants and have reportedly antihyperglycemic properties in diabetes patients.

With Leo Bakx and chef Erling Rugsten.

Wednesday 19 August 12:15 – 12:45h, @ HTC Community Garden, Eindhoven Continue reading

Evening Intervention: Making Yoghurt

popuplogoYoghurt is a fermentation of milk with selected bacteria transforming hard to digest milk sugars into lactic acids which assist in digestion of milk proteins and give yoghurt its characteristic tang.
Lacto-fermenting bacteria like Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus are often used, but also others, different brands distinguishing themselves with different recipes.

With Leo Bakx and Lee Primeau.

Wednesday 23 September, 12:15 – 12:45h @ HTC Community Garden, Eindhoven. Continue reading

Lunch Mini Workshop Coffee Mushrooms

pinks-06Wednesday 1 July, 12:15 till 12:45h,
HTC Community Garden Eindhoven.

Grow them at your desk. Grow them at your kitchen sink.
Contribute to the circular economy by giving your coffee grounds new life as delicious oyster mushrooms. It doesn’t stop there. The next life is to feed the spent coffee/mycelium mix to your worm farm, bokashi bucket or compost heap. Completing the circle, you can then feed the resulting nutritious compost to the plants in your garden, creating the next cycle of food for your enjoyment.

PromoPostcard coffeemushroom-EN2

This eternal cycle of life and enjoyment starts right here…
Demonstration and hands-on do-it-yourself. You take a way your very own grow kit with the fungus starter and first feeding of coffee grounds.
You also get a quick reference card with basic instructions and some background information.
Finally we will have a tasting of oyster mushroom delicacies.

Your guides on this culinary adventure into the circular economy are Leo Bakx of Aardwerk Academy and Paul van Rooyen of Paul’s Kitchen.

€20 pp including grow kit, quick reference card & tasting

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