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Congo Preserve

Congo Preserve is centrally situated on the Caribbean island St. Eustatius. In the eightteenth century a village of freed slaves was situated at this property. The camping ground is 4000 m² and the rest of the property is an agriculture land of 20.000 m². St. Eustatius is one of the few islands in the region where freed slaves formed a community. On the outskirts of this property, Grant Gillmore, Statia’s local archeologist, found the remains of such a “free black village” in 2007. The archeological survey is now in process. Joshua Spanner, who works on the land and manages the camping ground, is planning to rebuild one of the dwellings on the remains together with the archeologist.

Congo Preserve is an eco site: off-grid water supply system and electricity with solar panels. There is a kitchen, showers and toilets. The age old cistern is restored and in use, hammocks are available.

The Aardwerk PDCs are smoke-free events.

The Mansion, as Congo Preserve is also known, is a special place, the view on the Quill and on the Caribbean Sea is breathtaking.

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