TUINHACK: Call for Participation

tuinhack2016NEW DATE: 8 & 9 October 2016

Design and make a working prototype in 32 hours. Meet, work and socialize with 30 hackers, creatives, coders, makers and gardeners. Win one of the three prizes: best technical innovation, most regenerative yield or most radical imagination. Not that money is an issue for you of course, but prizes are 1k€ each.

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We challenge you to come up with creative, adaptive and effective working prototypes in the context of the emerging and hot phenomenon of social food production in public urban spaces. Concrete case is our TU/e Community Garden at the campus of the Technical University Eindhoven. The resident student population is set to expand from around 180 to around 1000 in the next few years, starting at the beginning of the new academic year in September 2016. A population of mostly foreign students who have a need for place making, socialising and cultural exchange with other students and the urban community at large. Food and culture are intimately linked. The TU/e Community Garden can function as an essential focal point in the fulfillment of the needs of both the transient and permanent population of this urban community. How can technology, art, agricultural and urban wisdom contribute? What connections can we make between rural and urban communities?

Come and join us to show how it can be done! Be the change. Win the prize.

Challenge Themes for TUINHACK 2016

  • Play
    What would the food cycle look like through the lens of gamification? Gamification is a playful way to change human behaviour through intrinsic motivation. Leverage people’s natural desires for relatedness, purpose, autonomy and mastery. Create a playful experience that gives insight in the food choices we make. Improve not only your own health and happiness. Also help others elsewhere in the world with your choices.
  • Socialise
    Social & cultural exchange as a function of food production & consumption. Place-making and community gardening. How can technology, art & design facilitate community development?
  • Make
    Innovative products based on home grown biomass (plants, fungi, algae etc.) using ordinary household materials and tools. Create a more sustainable home economy. Improving the world starts at home. Make practical home-scale applications of biomimicry and blue economy design principles.
  • Quantify
    Provide better feedback about the food chain using sensor/actuator networks, Internet of Things, Arduino and Raspberry Pi technology. A better informed consumer or producer can make better decisions and save the world, one spoonful at a time. Design administration-free harvest/crop monitoring systems.
  • Distribute
    Challenges in logistics, matching supply and demand on community level. Matching resources, products and labour. Provide insight in the ecological footprint of different distribution strategies. Food miles and food sovereignty & security.

We Want You!

Are you a creative/art professional, a programmer, interaction designer, marketing expert, business developer, engineer or maker then we want you to be part of our teams. Students, young professionals and senior professionals are equally welcome!

Your gain

  • The TuinHack is a great opportunity to network with people you wouldn’t normally meet.
  • You get to apply your skills to exciting new challenges.
  • Competition: prizes to win! Cash and coaching.
  • Exposure of all project on our showcase website for hackathon results.
  • New business opportunities.
  • And of course brilliant organic food prepared by chef Erling Rugsten.

Register now

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Participation is free. Places are limited.

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