Statia PDC 2013 kick-off

Yesterday, 5 February 2013, the first PDC course on Statia kicked off with a round of introductions of the participants. Each time I feel very fortunate to meet these great new people with wonderful stories, talents and courage to learn something new.

We finished the arrival day with a beautiful and tasty meal, prepared by Mildred.

Today was our first day “in the field”. We visited the farm of GreenBlend’s Laurens Duijveman on the road to Zeelandia. We walked the land and recorded first impressions. Met with Laurens, Lois and Louise and talked about past present and future of the project.

Never a dull moment on Statia, we soon found ourselves involved with donkey business, talking about feeding pest vines from the farm to hungry donkeys that are rounded up by the Statian government and trying to find immediate, medium and long term solutions to feeding livestock on Statia in general.

Checking up on the experiment with pink oyster mushrooms, we found it doing really well on waste wood stumps left over from a landscaping project. Great potential for producing a valuable food source once we create a nice shaded and moist corner on the farm, perhaps as part of a windbreak.

For lunch we had an invitation to come up with a design for a park in Oranjestad that is regularly used as marketplace for fresh produce and other local products.

Tonight we are showing the brilliant and inspiring movie DIRT! A must-see film for anybody interested in sustainable communities. It all starts with a healthy and resilient soil.