Aardwerk Boot Camp

An in-depth introduction into pragmatic design philosophies for making The Good Life*. With e.g.: permaculture, biomimicry, blue economy and The Natural Step. You may be eligeble for the internationally recognised PDC certificate by finishing the course successfully. Starting December 2015.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to contribute to biodiversity, nature and lanscape management at any scale from the kitchen counter top to ecological backbone structure in a practical way. An opportunity for urban citizens to learn how they can make a substantial contribution to extending the national ecological backbone structure right from there own back yard and indoor living spaces. Stimulation biodiversity and securing our own health, wellbeing and sustainable economic success.

You will learn to recognize and leverage the opportunities in your environment and yourself. By clever useage you will stimulate and improve on the functioning of the genious of the nature around us. By pampering the earth, you improve the plants and animals. Better and happier plants and animals result in better food and living environments. A better living environment results in happy, healthy and sustainably employable people and a healthy community. Or like Ron Finley of Los Angeles puts it: “Change the soil, change the people”. Continue reading “Aardwerk Boot Camp”