Evening Intervention: Making Yoghurt

popuplogoYoghurt is a fermentation of milk with selected bacteria transforming hard to digest milk sugars into lactic acids which assist in digestion of milk proteins and give yoghurt its characteristic tang.
Lacto-fermenting bacteria like Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus are often used, but also others, different brands distinguishing themselves with different recipes.

With Leo Bakx and Lee Primeau.

Wednesday 23 September, 12:15 – 12:45h @ HTC Community Garden, Eindhoven.


During this hands-on workshop we will explore some of this diversity and make our own yoghurt culture. With a little attention your yoghurt culture can be used to make yoghurt for as long as you like.
We will finish the workshop with a tasting of different yoghurts and a sample yoghurt dish.

Ticket price: €20 per person, including a take-home culture kit, Quick Reference card and a yoghurt tasting. Early registration advised (by accepting this invite). Also see http://facebook.com/htcgarden/

Next Lunch Mini Workshop, featuring 2-star Michelin chef Erling Rugsten will be Wednesday 19 August from 12:15 till 12:45h. Subject: Yellow Oyster Mushrooms on coffee grounds.
Another example of circular economy in action: coffee grounds courtesy of HTC Starbucks & The Colour Kitchen, buckets provided by The Strip catering and mushroom spawn by Fungi Futuri (based in the former TD building in Eindhoven). Spent mushroom substrate used as a nutritious compost in the HTC Community Garden.

Stefan, Leo & Lee

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