Market Gardening, Pest Management & Permaculture

The third permaculture workshop on Statia will be at our third course partner GreenBlend.

GreenBlend is a market garden scale organic vegetable and fruit production company, run by Laurens en Lois Duiveman. Located in the middle of the island on Zeelandia Road, close to the airport. It is one of the few places with a heavy clay soil here. GreenBlend has its own well water. Laurens and Lois grow vegetable like tomatoes, egg plant, okra and kouseband using varieties that are suited to the weather, water and soil conditions on Statia.


The workshop will start with a tour of the farm. You will get acquainted with the many challenges that need to be addressed when growing food on this scale.

In the shade house we will show how sheet mulching can be applied to minimise weeding and promote a healthy soil. You will also get up close and personal with some of the usual pests and learn how to distinguish them.

Finally we will cook up an organic spray with hot peppers and garlic to combat the tiny critters in the crops. Please remember to bring a jar to take the gourmet pest management seasoning home with you.

You’re invited to have lunch with us after the workshop, where you can taste some freshly picked veg and fruit from the field. Please bring a dish or some juice to share.

Register now

Come and join us for this exciting workshop on Sunday 24 July from 9:30 am till 12:30 pm. You can register by email or phone 318 5724. Or just show up at the gate.

July: Permaculture Month

In July there will be many permaculture activities on Statia with Leo Bakx and Fransje de Waard. Projects, workshops and movie nights. Programme to follow.