Intern Positions 2014-2016

PCofE-logoNew intern and volunteer positions available as of now (2014 -2016) at Aardwerk Academy Campus in association with Permaculture College of Europe, Permaculture Global Design group and Global Alliance for Permaculture Partnerships & Solutions (GAPPS).

Positions available at EQF levels 4-8 (vocational, Bachelor, Master and PhD level).

  • Web Media & Events Management
  • Online Course Development
  • Web Graphics & Interaction Design
  • Web Editing & Journalism
  • Web (WordPress / CiviCRM) development
  • Permaculture Enterprise Development & Management

Web Media & Events Management

Organise and manage educational events like courses, workshops, masterclasses. With a pool of 200+ experienced teachers from around the world. Events throughout Europe. Focus for the coming season: pre- and post International Permaculture Convergence (IPC) London Summer School events in different regions of Europe (North, South, East and West). Other events as opportunities develop.

Online Course Development

Organise and develop online courses in (teaching) permaculture, permanent innovation and agroecology. Challenges in course design, administration, assessment, support and management.

Web Graphics & Interaction Design

Develop and produce the visual interface between content and user, both the casual visitor and professional power user. Dynamic content generation, linking database and graphics. Creating solid branding, with an eye for usability and structured maintenance.

Web Editing & Journalism

Creating and managing web content. Authoring compelling texts, graphics, photography, audio & video. Editing other people’s content, supporting external authors, checking facts etc.

Web (WordPress / CiviCRM) development

Developing, configuring and managing plugins and themes. Coordinating with Graphics and Editing teams. Testing and technical user support. Documentation.

Permaculture Enterprise Development & Management

Develop your own business opportunities within the framework of our network for permaculture, education and sustainable development.

What we offer

The opportunity to get a Diploma in Permaculture Media (a basic Permaculture Design Certificate course is included if you haven’t got one yet). Through the Permaculture College of Europe and its affiliates it is possible to pursue this learning pathway at EQF levels 4-8 (vocational – Bachelor – Master – PhD).

A share in the proceeds from work acquired through our web sites (and a measure of the quality and success of your own contribution to the whole).

Networking opportunities in the growing world of sustainable business development.

After an induction period you will have to option to work at one of our campus locations in the Netherlands, Czech Republic or Poland. Or you can work from home or en route.


What we expect

We operate in a multilingual multicultural environment. A good proficiency in English is required. Any other languages a bonus. You should have at least some affinity with sustainable lifestyles and prefer quality above quantity. We work together based on respect and mutual trust.

Expressions of Interest Requested

Apply for an intern or volunteer position by sending your CV, motivation and job preferences by email.