Statia PinR :: New Recruits

Statia rain showerSince October 2013 Aardwerk is providing a permanaut in residence at STENAPA’s Mirjam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden on Sint Eustatius (Statia) in Caribbean Netherlands.

The former Intern House is now vacated and renovated to become a Visitor Center – its original intended purpose. The first phase of the renovation is the careful deconstruction of partition walls, salvaging building materials. Some of the materials are being repurposed to construct the service pavilion, which will accommodate the new tool shed and workshop.

The weather on Statia has been uncommonly warm. Records were broken in October. Only in the last week or so did we get some rain showers.

Rat Patrol

Chance Chaos Havoc

Meet the newest recruits of the Botan Team: Chance, Chaos and Havoc. Adopted from the Animal Welfare people mother Chance and het two kittens have found a new home at the botanical gardens (botan) where the will help in controlling pests like rats, mice and others while having a great time in this wonderfully quiet and remote place.

Most animals in de garden are not a problem, even a feature like the endangered Lesser Antillian Iguana. But some are directly competing for resources that are essential to the functioning of the botan. Rats, mice and doves e.g. are eating seeds and seedlings in the shade house, interfering with the botan’s ability to propagate needed plant specimens for our collection as well as our food production. Exclusion strategies such as netting, fences and cages are of limited use. A few cats around lets nature work for us in the management of the garden.

Our cats are not feral and expect to be fed and watered regularly. You can help us with that by making a small donation (e.g. 5 € or $) to our feline rat patrol fund. Please click on the Doneer (donate) button in the right hand column and share your wealth with us.