Statia Soil Samples

Congo Preserve panorama

Today we sampled the soils at Congo Preserve. From the top fence of the property down we tested the pH, NPK and did a visual and smell inspection. Our sample from the top smelled of a rich earthy dirt, was moist and covered with a lush perennial meadow. The second sample from a tan-tan (Leucaena) bush was dry and powdery. Our third sample came from a field that was plowed last year and covered with an aromatic flowered plant. Nice soft, crumbly soil. The last sample we took from under the mango and guava trees. Results from the tests to follow soon.

Last night we discussed setting up and organising permaculture courses and workshops. What is takes in terms of resources, planning and promotion. During our work today ideas kept bubbling up for educational activities for local people, adults and children; for farmers on neighboring islands, especially if they were to further teach local farmers on their respective islands.

Tomorrow the terrestrial excursion is on the programme. A trek through the northern hills, with their very own dry & hot climate and historical remnants of slave settlements, plantations and sugar mills.