Statia Dawn

Statia DawnThe second day of the Statia PDC 2013 started of with a typically brilliant dawn. St Kitts seen from the lookout garden of the Botan, crowned with the balsamic moon.

For fieldwork we surveyed the GreenBlend farm property and practiced staking out contour lines. We started a new mushroom culture with Pink Oyster mushroom – a species adapted to the Caribbean region. Then propagating lemon grass as a weed barrier around the plantain field.

This afternoon we surveying a serendipitous project, greening Wilhelmina Park. A park with a history as ‘slave market’. Not a market where slaves were the subject of trade, but a market where slaves traded produce that the grew in their own provisioning gardens. It has now been restored to its original function with a monthly market of locally produced food and other products made by residents. We are invited to design the ‘green’ aspects of the garden to enhance the area.

Last night we learned about the design process and permaculture ethics in a lively discussion of established concepts and current affairs. After a delicious vegetarian curry dinner we watched DIRT! – The Movie, a moving documentary about our relationship with the living skin of the earth, its fabulous properties, how we nearly destroyed it and what we are doing to restore it.

Tonight we have design exercises, permaculture design principles and some science on the programme.