Statia Busy Bees

Building Earthship StyleMonday: day 7 of the PDC course.

Building work on the bee farm. Using locally available ‘waste’ materials like salvaged car tyres, sand excavated from road and building works we are building a shelter for the beehives at the GreenBlend farm. It’s a simple technique developed by Michael Reynolds of Biotecture International in the US. Stacking tyres in running bond, placed in arcing shapes and pounding compacted soil into them. It creates sheltering walls that absorb heat, form a solid structure that has been rated for earthquakes, strong winds and fire resistance.

photography courtesy of Mildred MonpellierWe finished the soil analysis on two more sampling points and finished up on day 8 with lots of tree planting for the windbreak that Claire presented the night before. It’s always great to work with responsive clients that turn design suggestions into action. Many thanks to Lois and Laurens of GreenBlend for their hospitality and the learning opportunity they provided.

Walking Congo Preserve

Wednesday, day 9 of the course, we started at Joshua Spanner’s place: Congo Preserve. Located at the site of a Free Blacks village, a place of historic significance on the island, it was immediately obvious from first impressions that this is a very different property. The slope and orientation makes for a big portion of the property to have very mild winds.