Lunch Intervention: Growing King Oyster Mushrooms

king oysterWednesday 5 August, 12:15 till 12:45h at HTC Community Garden, Eindhoven

Featuring guest chef Erling Rugston, cooking up some delicious mushroom tasting.

We continue our adventure into the world of mushroom magic with the majestic King Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii). While most of the other members of the oyster mushroom family digest mostly woody materials, the King Oyster mushroom likes to tap into the root systems of herbaceous plants for its food. They can however also be cultured on organic wastes like coffee grounds.

In this workshop you will start your own grow kit with mushroom spawn and fresh coffee grounds.

Erling Rugsten will introduce us to a brilliant tasting, featuring oyster mushrooms of course, herbs and other ingredients from our HTC Community Garden.

The mini-workshop includes hands-on preparation of your own shiitake grow kit on coffee grounds. We provide a container, coffee grounds and shiitake spawn which you can take away and start growing your shiitakes at the desk or kitchen counter at home. We will also serve a shiitake taster and a quick reference card for your convenience.

€20 pp including grow kit, quick reference card & tasting

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