Statia PinR :: Purpose

Clathrus crispusThe purpose of the Permanaut in Residence @ the Botan is:

  1. Develop available resources like: land, trees, water, sunlight and people to generate:
    1. sustainable livelihood foor STENAPA staff
    2. provide innovative and improved services to visitor
    3. improving the resilience and biodiversity of the Botanical Garden.
  2. Best practice for permaculture design is for the designer to live on-site 24/7 as permanaut* in residence to better learn the behaviour and intrinsic properties of the place, people, plants and other creatures, weather etc.
  3. Specific projects the PinR is doing:
    1. renovation of the Visitor Centre
    2. updating water & power systems
    3. developing food and utility plant systems
    4. developing ecologically responsible and resilient enterprise
    5. developing learning environments and events. E.g.: training of volunteers introducing permaculture design in management of public spaces and natural environment conservation.

*Permanaut: practitioner of permaculture design and education (Fransjan de Waard).