PDC2013 :: Statia & Boxtel

Statia (Dutch Caribbean)

Fransje de Waard & Leo Bakx love Statia, so they are organising a second PDC course there. From 5 through 26 February 2013. Again in co-operation with STENAPA, Congo Preserve and GreenBlend.

The relaxed 3-week format will provide plenty of opportunity to explore this lovely island in the Caribbean. Statia is a graphic illustration of the many challenges of modern society in a nutshell. Resource management, people management, the great potential and pitfalls of both. Permaculture design can show the way to an integral and balanced step-by-step method toward a sustainable future of abundant and thriving communities around the world. Skills learned here, perspectives and insights gained are easily transfered to your own climate, culture and community.

February is also the peak season for whale migration. Looking for humpback whales is likely to be a favorite pastime for many participants. I know I’ll be sitting in the Look Out Garden a lot 😉

Grundtvig Grants for IST

People who qualify – and that includes residents of EU ‘overseas territories’ in the Caribbean like UK Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe or Saint Martin – can apply for full or partial funding. Deadline is 17 September 2012. See the Grundtvig database of training.


In July 2013 Aardwerk organises an international PDC training in Boxtel at the De Kleine Aarde (DKA – The Small Earth) venue. This time in the more traditional 2-week format: a 72 hour intensive course. This course is more accessible to participants from continental Europe. DKA is a site of historic importance in The Netherlands regarding sustainable development and human-scale economies. Many concepts and technologies of appropriate technology and small-scale enterprise were developed here and its successor De Twaalf Ambachten (DTA – The 12 Trades), also in Boxtel. Concepts and technologies that we take for granted now. DTA was also responsible for organising the first lectures on permaculture by Bill Mollison in The Netherlands.

European Permaculture Teachers Partnership

Alumni of PDC’s can participate in the activities of the European Permaculture Teachers partnership (EPT). Aardwerk can provide funding for travel to visit EPT events throughout Europe. Other partner countries are: Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Sweden, UK and possibly Italy and Latvia. The partnership provides funds for travel for participants from their respective countries.

The aim of the partnership is to foster professionalism in the teaching of permaculture, raising Europe-wide standards and cultural exchange.

Each of the partners will also organise national events to share information and provide feedback from the field.